The continent of the Silver Empire is a land inspired by east asian countries such Japan, China and Korea while adding in fantasy elements to create a unique world.

In the world of the Silver Empire, there are no horses or cattle. Instead, there is an animal called a doro who takes the role of both. There are two subspecies of doros, southern doros that are smaller and more docile. Northern doros are significantly larger with bigger horns and thicker fur to survive in the colder climate in and around the province of Dho.

A northern doro and its owner. The doro’s horns have been cut down and its twin keratin plates have been fitted with rings, allowing the doro to serve as a pack animal.

Hyo Masters are legendary martial artists who through training and inate ability, channel great power through their inner hyo. This allows them to not only perform great feats of strength and speed, but to also exibit unique abilities such as manifesting weapons or controlling the elements.